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BURSTING at the Roots

As many retailers know, it’s wonderful helping customers learn to take care of their plants. But even experienced gardeners are sometimes stumped by a new or old plant that isn’t thriving. A common cure for this unhappy plant is sometimes a new pot.

Signs that you might need a new pot:

Dry Soil: is your green friend always thirsty? A bigger pot means more soil and more water retention.

Root Crowding: roots trying to escape through the drainage hole or growing clumps? Tell tale sign that it’s time for more space.

Slow Growth and Drooping: take time to remove your plant from its pot for an exam. You may find root crowding deeper in the soil that needs to be remedied.

Repotting Tips:

Proper Drainage: every planter needs a drain.

Size Up Gradually: only go one pot size bigger.

Proper Soil Type: research and select the proper soil.

Don’t Over Do It: withhold fertilizing for 6 weeks and resist over watering.

Soak Clay: soak clay pots a day before planting. Saturated clay will not wick away moisture from soil.