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Recently, at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago, I saw some product displays that really (warning: mom joke) BLUE my mind. It got me thinking about color design. Some people just seem to have a knack for it. But over the years I’ve pick up some tips and tricks from pro designers that take the mystery out of the process. This month I want to share the 60/30/10 rule.

60/30/10 Rule

Big a fan of this one because someone’s already done the math:

60%     Dominate color

30%     Secondary color

10%     Accent color

This ratio achieves visual interest with variety but maintains harmony through tiers of dominance. The 60% will tie everything together and set the mood. Then 30% clearly comes in second but still balances out the dominate. Finally, your 10%, the accent, is just enough of a splash to make the composition organic and not too predictable. The trick is that it’s all easy on the eye. You’ll understand at just a glance.

This formula is easy to apply to product displays. It’s kind of like a short cut through hours of tinkering with color combinations. Give it a try in your landscape or interior designs too.

Quick tip

Outdoors you can factor in the environment as your 60%: green for a lush east coast garden, or earthy reds and tans for a stony southwest entrance.

You’re 30%: several smart Anamese pieces.

You’re 10%: a piece of garden art or even your pottery’s plantings.



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