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Lue Svendson is a Louisiana based Landscape Architect we’ve had the pleasure of working with for years. From Dubai to Costa Rica, her extensive resume is influenced by her travels.

She says “Anamese Pottery is the icing on the cake. After the Landscape is finished, I get to place pottery to accent architectural color and the blooming plant material. Sometimes the client wants pops of color and we contract brick or paving with a pot. Other times, I go for something more subtle and soft with neutral colors and evergreens. Always though, Anamese pots add such wonderful detail. In cases where there is large amounts of hard surfacing I like to use a pot to add green relief. I use pots for accent, height, interest and focal point. And don’t forget the wonderful water pieces that can be made. I cannot imagine a patio, deck or courtyard without a plan for containers and Anamese is my go-to source. Currently, I am really into subtle greens like Malachite and Celadon. They add such a cooling aspect to the plan.”

Thank you, Lue, for the endless inspiration. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing our collection in action.