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Anamese’s inventory is vast, with thousands of size, style, and color combinations. Our Favorite Finder is a tool designed to make your life just a little easier. It starts with shape selection, and narrows your choices further through size and finish options. No, it won’t do taxes or fold the laundry (yet), but it will help steer you to the right piece of pottery.

I recently became a Favorite Finder fan and told my mom I had to share the love in this letter. Way before the first shovel even touched the dirt for my new pool, I’d already figured out every piece of pottery I wanted in my new landscape. It’s fun, fast and easy. Other than self-folding laundry, what more could you ask for?


Step 1: Select a Shape

With five different shape offerings, this is the first step at finding exactly what you are looking for.





-Jars & Urns



Step 2: Select a Size

Size is an important parameter when placing pottery. Our Favorite Finder allows for you to narrow down your selection by height or width and choose from as small as 12 inches to as large as 45 inches.







Step 3: Select a Finish

We love ALL of our finishes! Picking the one you love most might be the hardest part.

Glazed Clay

-Olde World Aegean

-Vietnamese Unglazed

-Italian Terra Cotta

-Pietro Volcanic Stone-

-Lite Fiber Crete


Step 4: Select a Glaze

And alas, I chose Glazed Clay and within that category there are 22 different glazes to choose from. The options are endless and placing pottery in clusters is a fun and easy way to add color and allow for creative inspiration. So let your creative juices flow!