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Oh, the heights to which Anamese will go! Yes, our Tall Jars are really tall! All over 45 inches. All scream drama and luxury.  So stand up straight and have a look!


Tall Temple Jar

The tallest of the tall, the Tall Temple Jar, pictured in Artesian Reef, is 57” and a soaring addition to any garden.


Tall Starfruit

With its bold vegetal form, the Tall Starfruit is as confident as it is lofty. Pictured in Copper, 55”.


Palermo Jar

Rugged and full of old world charm, the Palermo Jar in Aegean finish clocks in at 51”.


Turin Tall

The Turin Tall’s 47” height makes it’s 27″ mouth that much more impressive. I love it planted with a large leaf like elephant ears.


Pharaoh Jar

The most elegant of our tall jars, the Pharaoh Jar’s bold, curving rim certainly makes a statement at 46”.



Anamese has been importing and distributing these beautiful pottery collections since 1998.  Celebrating the beauty and diversity of container gardening, Anamese continues to offer these unique and exceptionally well-made pots to our customers.  As our collections continue to evolve, we remain committed to new designs, mediums and finishes from classic to contemporary.  Our passion is as always, good honest customer service.