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Edgy yet warm, the Kor-Ten Steel collection is qualified to bridge the gap between rustic and chic. Clean lines straighten up in commercial settings while warm rust tones only get better with outdoor age. And don’t worry – they’ll never rust through. But they will deepen in color and character.

We like to think of our Tall Square Planter as our strong, silent type. It’s sturdy geometry and rusty-orange are reliably handsome.



You could say this line is like a fine wine; it only gets better with time. However, our Kor-Ten Steel Collection remains wrapped and stored until ready to greet you at your door.  





Notice the color and texture differences between the before and after pictures below. The initial color is superficial and light in texture. As this collection is weathered the color deepens and texture becomes rich and vibrant. Also, this collection comes with adjustable rubber feet as well as plastic bins for easy planting.



Anamese has been importing and distributing these beautiful pottery collections since 1998.  Celebrating the beauty and diversity of container gardening, Anamese continues to offer these unique and exceptionally well-made pots to our customers.  As our collections continue to evolve, we remain committed to new designs, mediums and finishes from classic to contemporary.  Our passion is as always, good honest customer service.

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