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ON TREND: Late Summer Soiree

It’s late summer. Days will soon cool. Kids are back in school, and you’re sad because you have too much free time- right??? Well, here’s a little inspiration to get outside, throw a party, and take advantage of these last days of summer.

Classy Control

Terra Cotta is always a smart finish in green spaces. The earthy orange tones pop against green and liven up the space while keeping an organic pallette. Here the Bucket Planter (small) is classy and controlled.


Lush and Lazy

The generous mouth of the Aria Bowl suits a lush combination planting. Low bowls, introducing low horizontal lines, have a tranquil influence here.


Formal and Vertical

The Aria Tall Square is a go to for incorporating formal lines. With a taller, vertical planting, it’s a pretty proper addition to this patio.


Warm Statements

The large simple surface of the Cantado Ends allows the rich warmth of Italian Terra Cotta to make a statement. They break up and liven up this green and blue space.


Fun, Festive Forms

This is a smart use of color and form. The organic shapes of the Lagos Planter echo the theme of rounded forms in the vegetation while also introducing some playful structure with its ridges. I also think  the neutral Vietnamese Unglazed is smart for a composition with so many pieces.


When Light is Right

Breaking up a large, shady space with a splash of light neutrals or white adds to the lush feeling of the landscape. Here, the Corinthian Square in Sand is boldly planted, punctuating the space and makes for a richer composition.



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