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ON TREND: Patterns

When patterns are at play, surfaces are activated and compositions get more exciting. I think of Anamese’s eclectic range of patterned pottery as a toolbox for fixing a sleepy situation in the garden.


Tangier Planter

The architectural motif of the Tangier Crucible, pictured in Riverstone, definitely has some pizzazz but maintains a dignified aire with a gentle, vertically-aligned pattern.


Breeze Bowl

The Breeze Bowl’s light hearted lines, pictured in Celadon, lighten up the mood. Fun, informal, and with all the flow as you can hope to squeeze into a compact piece.


Artichoke Planter

Our Artichoke Planter’s larger, leaf motif preserves some of the elegant qualities of organic design while lending visual interest and movement to its setting. Pictured in Vietnamese Unglazed.



Moroccan Urn

Playful and tactile, the Moroccan Urn might be our most uniquely patterned piece. It’s smartly designed with smaller motif for it’s bigger stature. I love the way its pattern continues through the rimless opening. Pictured in Winter Sky and Celadon.



Anamese has been importing and distributing these beautiful pottery collections since 1998.  Celebrating the beauty and diversity of container gardening, Anamese continues to offer these unique and exceptionally well-made pots to our customers.  As our collections continue to evolve, we remain committed to new designs, mediums and finishes from classic to contemporary.  Our passion is as always, good honest customer service.