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Springing into a New Chapter

The boxwoods are budding, Texas bluebonnets are blooming, and our winter coats are finally gathering dust in closets. Spring, is that you?

At last, warm temps and bluebird skies. To celebrate I hit the road with my girls for portraits in the wildflowers – a family tradition since I moved to Austin 10 years ago. When we aren’t buzzing off bumble bees, we skip through the wildflowers with a real spring in our step.

Watching my daughters play in nature brings me back to my roots in Louisiana. Mom’s discerning eye for design meant her country home was nestled in a lush wonderland this time of year. Her spring garden boasted azaleas, wild fern, soaring crepe myrtles, fragrant magnolias, and those oh-so-tempting daffodils that were always begging to be picked.

I definitely inherited her love of design, and yes – daffodils (now my oldest picks mine). And after years of watching her garden and her business grow, I’m thrilled to join her team cultivating a social media presence. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for beautiful Vietnamese and Italian pottery, and daily garden inspiration.


We Can’t Contain Ourselves: Tips for the Ultimate Container

Containers ready for planting? Spring itself is fertile ground for inspiration. The goal is to capture those lush contrasts found in nature this time of year. Plan on three to four varieties for a single pot. (Yes, four!) Think about variety compatibility. For example, make sure they have similar shade and sunlight requirements or water needs.

Next, consider the texture, structure, and color of your choices. Start with a single plant that will add height and drama. Something like a Green Mountain Boxwood or a Golden Sword yucca. Both add color to the landscape year-round (thinking ahead!) and create spectacular focal points.

Now search for a plant that will play off your container’s color and texture as it cascades over the rim. Golden creeping Jenny is a reliable performer, as well as Wandering Jew. Both bring vibrant color and interesting texture. This element is really going to make your container pop.

Lastly, add a filler like Bergenia. It’s a strong grower that will boldly contrast with small leaf neighbors. Its hardy, waxy leaves fill in space and the pink blooms shoot up on strong stalks that’ll transform your container from bla to beautiful.

Whether it’s in your garden or your living room, planting a new container can be a blast. Recreate that burst of life spring brings to the new year and don’t forget: you’re never too old to frolic among the wildflowers (but you might be too old to pick mom’s daffodils).


Spring Arrival — Saffron Sky

Saffron Sky is a silky new finish offered in multiple styles. It will spice up accent and big statement pieces alike. This show stopper is uniquely versatile. Warm undertones of burnt orange balance green and lemongrass hues. Pictured above on our springy Kos Jar. It certainly pops against the leafy purple of Flash Pepper.

Zeus Planter in Saffron Sky Product ID: tx9613

This Zeus Planter, with its intricate relief detailing, crisp, delicate rim, and generous mouth; adds character to the garden in a way few others can.

On Trend — Miles of Styles in White

White is definitely having a moment and forecasts are still strong! Lighten lush spring landscapes or introduce dashes of color to monochromatic interiors by planting in a chic white container. They say the beauty of white is that it’s all the colors of the rainbow in one. You’ll have to ask a scientist about that. But what we do know — you can plant all the colors of the rainbow in white pottery and style faux pas are basically impossible. We’ll toast to that! White options from smooth Fiber Cement to our delicately textured Felix finish available.

Yuki Planter (S/3) in Lite Concrete Product ID: co713

A modern twist, with it’s round mouth and gently square base, the Yuki Planter adds an “art decoish” design element.

5th Avenue Bowl S/3 in Lite Concrete Product ID: co319

We never grow tired of low bowls and the 5th Avenue tops the chart with its clean lines and rimless design it offer an easy planting canvas.

Felix Tall S/2 in Felix White Product ID: gr877

With its striated texture, the Felix collection warms its finish to an interesting white, delicately exposing the brown of the clay body.

Second Take — The No Glaze Look

We’re ready for our close-up and it’s all about the clay within. Our Vietnamese Unglazed finish is perfecting a look while also coming in 35 styles – no wonder it’s been a bestseller since we brought it on. It’s a modern spin on our lovely Italian Terra Cotta. With subtle and neutral tones, it’s one of our most versatile finishes too. Contemporary class at a reasonable price makes it a true crowd pleaser.

Highgrove Urn Lrg/Sm Product ID: tn7285

A classically footed planter with decidedly modern lines.

Cercle Planters S/2 Product ID: tn3280

Simple is the theme of this most popular shape. It offers clean good looks that fin tin so many places.

Artichoke Planter S/3 Product ID: tn3100

Organic in design and very well proportioned, the Artichoke Planter has a neutral appeal in the garden or in the home.

About Anamese

Anamese has been importing and distributing these beautiful pottery collections since 1998.  Celebrating the beauty and diversity of container gardening, Anamese continues to offer these unique and exceptionally well-made pots to our customers.  As our collections continue to evolve, we remain committed to new designs, mediums and finishes from classic to contemporary.  Our passion is as always, good honest customer service.


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