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SUMMER ADIEU: Pebble White

Whites and lights lead the way this summer. New Pebble White, with a fine-pitted texture, is the rustic cousin to Chalk White. Both are part of our Lite Collection, which is leaner than our clay collection but just as sturdy and frost proof.

Tall Crucible

Modern but mellow lines make for up-to-date and easy going style from our Tall Crucible.


Tall Taper Round

With a slim profile and slight taper, the Tall Taper Round has a calming minimalist appeal.


Tall Tapered Square

The Tall Tapered Square stands out with its crisp profile and lean base. I love how the light, textured and unglazed surface makes this Tea Plant’s dark, waxy leaves pop.



I was hooked right away by the Cubed Planter in Pebble White. Sharp lines and subtle texture are trim and neat in white. I picked up two for my front entrance.



Anamese has been importing and distributing these beautiful pottery collections since 1998.  Celebrating the beauty and diversity of container gardening, Anamese continues to offer these unique and exceptionally well-made pots to our customers.  As our collections continue to evolve, we remain committed to new designs, mediums and finishes from classic to contemporary.  Our passion is as always, good honest customer service.