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Coral Aqua is Coral Brown’s colorful cousin. Nothing shy about this finish, combining rich texture with several shades of Mediterranean blue.

Tavolino Planter

The Tavolina Planter elegantly evokes a rocky, secluded shore in Coral Aqua.



Allow us to introduce you to Hanh. Hanh is 5’3”, gives perspective to all our inventory, is pretty dang helpful, and cute to boot.





Avignon Planter

Like a rediscovered classic, in Coral Aqua the Avignon Planter is timeless and tasteful.



Anamese has been importing and distributing these beautiful pottery collections since 1998.  Celebrating the beauty and diversity of container gardening, Anamese continues to offer these unique and exceptionally well-made pots to our customers.  As our collections continue to evolve, we remain committed to new designs, mediums and finishes from classic to contemporary.  Our passion is as always, good honest customer service.