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Why You’ll LOVE Terra Cotta

Why You’ll Love Terra Cotta

As our world changes, so do we. It’s wonderful having the option to cut back on plastics by using natural materials for our homes and gardens. From reducing waste to choosing the best possible material for your plants, there’s a reason ancient Terra Cotta has stood the test of time.

  • Made mostly of natural clays and minerals.
  • When the time comes (but not anytime too soon!) these materials will integrate back into the soil seamlessly.

  • Terra Cotta is porous, allowing air and moisture to penetrate the pot and its soil.
  • Protects against overwatering by absorbing excess water and also allows soil to aerate.
  • Thick, clay walls protect roots from rapid temperature changes.
  • Adapt to varying soil temperature needs, retaining heat for succulents in the sun, or keeping cool a fern in the shade by allowing evaporation.
  • Sturdy, heavy pots stabilize top heavy plants and decor.